DVO Topaz减震器

DVO Topaz Shock Volume Spacers



These prints provide a variety of air volume spacers for the DVO Topaz shocks. Note that the genuine DVO air volume bands (920100-01) are your best option. They are cheap and a perfect fit. I recommend getting them if you can.

The tall air volume band is a taller version of the stock DVO bands, but it can take place of the stock bands if you need more of them. They can be added either to the negative or positive side.

The internal volume spacers are DVO unapproved and totally experimental:

  • You should likely NOT try them, they might blow up your shock.
  • ONE of these can be placed into the MAIN air chamber (see pictures).
  • The spacer MUST be securely adhered to the piston bolt. I considered using a dab of grease to hold it in place but settled on two tiny dabs of E-6000 adhesive, ensuring that it is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY dry before re-installing the air canister. This adhesive holds strong but can be peeled off if/when I want to change the spacer.
  • In theory, the internal spacer will act just like (multiple) DVO bands placed on the positive air side, aiding bottom-out resistance by making the shock more progressive across its travel.

The following are approximate volumes/relative sizes for the various spacers:

Type Height Volume Relative Volume
DVO stock bands 6 mm 800 mm^3 1x
Tall Ring Spacer 10 mm 1350 mm^3 1.7x
Short Internal Spacer 5 mm 2050 mm^3 2.5x
Tall Internal Spacer 10 mm 4100 mm^3 5x

For example, I was running 5 of the stock bands in the positive external chamber, which I replaced with a single Tall Internal Spacer.

Print Settings

  • Printer brand:


  • Printer:

    Ender-3 v2

  • Rafts:
  • Supports:
  • Infill:


Before using, ensure the following:

  1. The spacer dimensions, as printed must be:
    • External band should be same thickness as DVO band (<1.3mm).
    • Internal band diameter should be <37mm).
  2. All flashing/stringing/extra material must be removed.
    • Hit the prints with a heat gun to melt any stringing etc.
    • Any material that flakes off after assembly might end up destroying your seals!
  3. When attaching spacer to inside chamber:
    • Any glue MUST dry completely before assembly. Fumes given off while drying may damage seals if contained within the air chamber.
    • Do not use CA or any other glue that crystallizes and can become an abrasive.
    • If the volume spacer detaches from the bolt head, it will be crushed into plastic fragments which will no doubt destroy the inside of the shock.




DVO Topaz Shock Volume Spacers
by zsilet is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

DVO Topaz减震器