Mini-Mill Gib夹具(适用于LMS 3990、Sieg X2和X2D、HF Mill等)-用于制作Grubs接触的平面

Mini Mill Gib Fixture (for LMS 3990, Sieg X2 & X2D, HF Mill, etc) - Used to Make Flats Where Grubs Contact



The dovetails gibs that are designed to take up the extra movement on these X2 / X2D Sieg based Chinese mills are often not sitting correctly due to the geometry of the gibs, dovetails, grub screws. This causes very poor contact and thus very poor rigidity. This one mod / fix can completely change how your machine operates and is HIGHLY recommended for anyone who owns a Sieg or any of it's variants (Littlemachineshop, Grizzly, Harbor Freight, etc).

Being the funny shape they are, they can be difficult to hold onto in a vise or on a drill press in order to have them at the correct angle. This printed fixture should help with that and allow you to come down with a spot drill and then an endmill to make a flat. I am not the first to come up with this idea, but I couldn't find any other models. Switching to grub screws / set screws with a flat end to match can also help.

Be careful when modifying the gibs. The gibs are fairly cheap to replace if needed but they can be a pain to fit when new so take your time, mark the proper location (ideally with the carriage & punch), spot the location with a center drill, and then come back in to the final depth with a small endmill. Be careful when using these power tools- these parts are replaceable, you or your fingers are not!

For more information on this mod / fix, check out this awesome mini mill resource (not mine)-

This part can be printed in a variety of ways depending on what you'd prefer- both seemed to work fine. The holes are sized so that a M5 tap can be ran through them, although some may prefer brass inserts. Being a functional print, I would recommend PETG or ABS / ASA but PLA would likely be adequate too.

For personal use only. Message directly for commercial inquires.

Cup of coffee always appreciated, but not necessary. Thank you lots!


Feel free to ask any questions or to request any changes!

Print Settings

  • Printer brand:


  • Printer:

    Bambu P1S

  • Rafts:
  • Supports:
  • Resolution:
  • Infill:
  • Filament brand:


  • Filament color:


  • Filament material:

    ASA or PETG (or even PLA)




Mini Mill Gib Fixture (for LMS 3990, Sieg X2 & X2D, HF Mill, etc) - Used to Make Flats Where Grubs Contact
by KingZeus is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

Mini-Mill Gib夹具(适用于LMS 3990、Sieg X2和X2D、HF Mill等)-用于制作Grubs接触的平面